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    Banco de Valores Contact Phone Number

    SAC / Customer Service Department

    If you have any questions, please contact the SAC at, or by phone at (54911) 4323-6900 extension 6998.

    If you want to contact us by phone, you can do so at:

    Issue of Shares and/or Debt Securities

    International Relations with Financial Entitites

    Assistant General Manager
    Alejandro Bedoya
    Phone number (+5411) 4323-6912

    Trusts and Mutual Funds

    Commercial Operations Manager
    Sergio Capdevila
    Phone number (+5411) 4323-6912
    Assistant General Manager
    Alejandro Bedoya
    Phone number (+5411) 4323-6912


    Loans to Companies
    Yael Sardañons
    Phone number (+5411) 4323-6970


    Administration Manager
    Daniel Real
    Phone number (+5411) 4323-6908
    Finance Manager
    Fernando Urso
    Phone number (+5411) 4323-6930
    Manuel Berro
    Phone number (+5411) 4323-6930
    Miguel Riello
    Phone number (+5411) 4323-6930

    Stockbrokers and/or Stock Exchange Companies

    Business/Operational Support to Stockbrokers and Merval Stock Exchange Companies
    Jorge Fernández
    Phone number (+5411) 4323-6953

    Operations Management

    Operations Manager
    Delma Ferrero
    Phone number (+5411) 4323-6985
    Securities and Foreign Exchange Management
    Mario Lizaur
    Phone number (+5411) 4323-6957
    Nancy Matos
    Phone number (+5411) 4323-6900 Int. 6881
    Trust Management
    Santiago Brandan
    Phone number (+5411) 4323-6959